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Door Draft Stopper - Quilted Velvet

Door Draft Stopper - Quilted Velvet

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What makes our flagship, patented, cylindrical door draft stopper design so unique? Apart from being the first of its kind to be sold online in the USA, read more of its standout qualities below:


We’re made of the good stuff - Ethically sourced and made from sustainable natural coconut fibres (Coir).

No Hassle Layered Effect - Usually you need 2 pieces to layer. But this takes up a lot of room, the rugs slip on each other, and you can't see enough of the pattern. Our super cute design is conveniently one piece! A coir mat with a buffalo check outdoor rug look.

Extra Large Size - Our doormats are 20% longer than standard mats to generously welcome you home every time.

Perfect for every home - Made to fit every home, unlike the usual doormats that are much smaller than your front door. 

Made to last - These doormats are set to be a mainstay on your front door step for years to come. Edged with durable latex coating to protect the coconut coir bristles and a double protective spray for long-lasting color retention, each doormat is ready to invite guests into your home season after season after season.

Stop dirt at your front door - Our durable doormats are amazing at removing dirt, mud and moisture from footwear. And will help to keep your entrance clean and protect your floors.

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